Not Everyone Talks Tech…

Your workforce is made up of people with various technological skills — some better than others.

We know your people are your biggest asset. Period. But while companies often consider how new technology will benefit productivity, they often forget the impact new tech has on personnel. If your production team isn’t comfortable with new policies, machines, or software, they can easily become frustrated and dissatisfied. Your new investment, which should be beneficial to everyone, can quickly become a roadblock to your success.

But Everyone Can Learn to Talk Tech

Help Your Personnel Feel Confident With Technological Tools

Our Workforce Technology Consulting approach helps you assess the technological aptitude of your personnel and the potential frustrations they may feel with new technologies. From there, we work with you to build a program and pathway that encourages low-tech users to grow in personal confidence and high-tech users to excel in their technological performance. The end result is company-wide adoption of your cutting edge technology.

We focus on understanding your people, then take steps to match your people with the right technology.

Our first step is always getting to know your people. It’s not enough to know what technology they use at work—we want to know what role technology plays in their day-to-day life, what pain points they may have with it, and what things they do and don’t understand. We’ll ask questions, perform assessments, and view technology through the eyes of your workforce.

From there, we devise a list of solutions ranging from adjusting a process to fit your team’s preferences to matching certain employees to machines that best fit their technological aptitude. A video-gamer, for instance, may have better dexterity to work a joystick automated process or a software-heavy job.  The goal is always to put people in positions that foster their use of technology without promoting burnout. Capitalizing on an employee’s current understanding, while training others to fit the role can improve adoption rates for the new technology and avoid excess frustration.

With everyone in the right position, your technology will function better than ever: reducing costs, engaging your employees, and boosting company morale.