Don’t Let Data Overwhelm You

Leverage the Power of Your Data With a Digital Visual Management System

Organizations are faced with the challenge of data overload. The sheer volume of data from production machines, ERP systems, management documents, EHS/safety instructions, customer service portals, and more is inherently overwhelming. But the insight this data can provide is invaluable and can impact every facet of your organization.

If your company is still relying on outdated forms of visual management like paper handouts or whiteboards, you aren’t equipping your team to analyze data and make the right business decisions. This can lead to lost sales, lack of efficiency, poor production performance, increased incidents, and low morale.

Digital Visual Management (DVM) tools provide the foundation for healthy continuous improvement initiatives. An easy to access, central source for production and personnel performance data, DVM solutions help you collect, showcase, and communicate relevant facts and statistics to everyone in your need-to-know circle. With all your information in one place, DVM software allows you and your teams to prioritize your data and make educated, confident decisions on where your company goes next.

Drive organizational improvement and operational awareness with YOUR data from YOUR sources in real-time. Visualize your data clearly throughout your organization with visual management screens tailored to each department’s needs by using their data from the systems they use. Whether decision-makers, managers or front-line employees, “data-driven” management allows informed decisions based on immediate, real-time info while integrating with all aspects of the business.

Data Driven Performance Management Across The Organization

One System, Customizable for All Applications

No matter the department, the location, or the language, we utilize Pingview from Pingflow as the core of your solution built for data driven management across the organization and across your devices.

With a solution as diverse as your needs, Pingview is the one solution for all departments and initiatives.

How a DVM System Can Help You

Get Real-time Access to Your Data All in One Place

DVM systems connect with all of your various business tools—your ERP system, incident management software, OEE software, and more—and pull all of the most valuable data points onto one easy-to-use dashboard. This data is displayed on wallboards (i.e. screens) so it’s always front and center. You can customize exactly what data is displayed, prioritizing the information that’s most important for your team. A customized DVM system can help you:

Drive Impactful, Iterative Change

With your most important data at the forefront of what you do, you are more equipped to make business descisions that promote the well-being of your organization.  Whether it be on the shop floor, in customer service or operations; the data drives change.

Save Money

Rely on real-time data to show you exactly where your inefficiencies are.  Whether they are processes that cause production rework or miscommunication in logistics, you’ll quickly uncover areas that hit your pocket the hardest.

Improve Productivity

By giving you team real-time access to organized data, they can quickly and easily identify areas for improvement.  Empowering employees to engage with the data where they are lead to a more active change process and increased productivity.

PingFlow Premier Partner

Partnering with Excellence

There are a variety of Digital Visual Management solutions out there, but we believe in working with the best in the business. To that end, we partner with Pingflow—a DVM software based out of Europe with a commitment to excellence, adaptability, and customer service. As their North American partner, we love showing our clients the clear, configurable, and cutting edge solutions provided by Pingflow.