Cutting Edge Technologies with a Personal Perspective

Technology might define the future, but people define the technology.

Evolstrie was created to help companies identify production pain points, assess available technologies, and implement unique technological solutions that improve efficiency and reinvigorate processes. Our network of experienced industry professionals specializes in understanding our clients and crafting solutions that meet their needs.

While others might provide a one-size-fits-all fix, we know every industry, every facility, and every workforce is different. Employing a useful tool—like an automated process or a digital visual management system—that only partially solves your problem or, worse yet, is poorly adopted by your workforce can crush efficiency and brutalize your budget. We know because we’ve been there.

Evolstrie can help ensure that your company takes every step in its digital evolution with confidence and clarity.

Meet Wes Bodenhamer

Evolstrie Managing Director 

Wes Bodenhamer has 12+ years of experience in identifying and implementing technological solutions for industrial companies. In his years as a product manager, IoT solution developer, and project analyst he observed firsthand the challenges companies faced when implementing technology.

Wes’s experience demonstrated that many small companies can’t afford to hire a digital technologies IoT specialist, and larger companies often struggle to implement technological advancements within their workforce. In each case, companies lose the chance to maximize their efficiency and evolve their industry—a dangerous thing for any business.

Realizing that companies need an outside partner to help them objectively evaluate their technological performance and suggest helpful relevant solutions, Wes founded Evolstrie. Today, he works with Evolstrie’s network of professionals providing creative solutions for clients in need of innovation and digital evolution.

Our network of professionals is expansive

Ranging across a variety of industries, careers, and technical expertise, our consultants are at the top of their field and committed to helping your company tackle any job, pain point, or industry-need.


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